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I am a retired software engineer and LOVE a well-written program. So there's a very good chance that, with time, this site will become a little heavy on the software tools side. Or it may not, since I see so many programs that are just slapped together.

I've tried to gather and share information with you that took me years to learn. Some things you'll need to understand will need to "cook" for a while until you have you're AHA moment. I still have them regularly.

I'll just give you a word of advice before I let you go. Don't become a information junkie. Find your niche by finding something you love and get out there and market it. There's no thrill in the world like checking your email and finding you referred a sale. This site is ALWAYS in a state of flux. I try to keep the material here fresh.

1.) Never buy anything without researching the product yourself.

2.) If a product or course is offered for Free there is normally a
     backend charge, with the exception of eBooks.

3.) There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. Or instant wealth...

4.) Use Gmail or Yahoo type accounts when giving out your email
     address for newsletters or free downloads.

5.) There is NO SECRET way to earn money on the internet.

To your success...