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Ken Evoy
A few years ago, a man appeared on the Internet Marketing scene. At that
time he was unknown to most people being active in this niche. But soon
he became one of the best known and most highly esteemed Internet
marketers today. His name was Ken Evoy, and the book (or rather course)
that made him so famous, is "Make Your Site Sell" - also better known as

What really made Ken stand out from the crowd was not just the huge
amount of information (more than 800 pages) and the depth of expert
knowledge in MYSS (see
Site Sell Volumes),  but also the price Ken charged
for his course. Whereas most courses of the size cost several hundred dollars,
Ken sold his course for just $17.

This caused quite a stir - to say it mildly - in the Internet Marketing world.

Some people loved Ken's course - both because of the price and the
 information itself. Other people almost hated MYSS, and often openly
criticized it in harsh words.

But the fact is that MYSS has become one of the most successful and most
highly praised courses on running a successful e-business, ever, even though I wouldn't focus almost exclusively on the search engines as a traffic tool, as Ken does.

But all in all I really like his course, and I consider it to be one of the most
important  courses on running an e-business.

Ken Evoy didn't start out in Internet Marketing, though.
Before becoming interested in the Internet, Ken sold 23 inventions to large
companies around the world, generating millions of dollars in royalty revenues
along the way.
Dr. Ken Evoy is not your typical internet guru. He's a Canadian doctor
2 days a week, he's created stock trading software which he sells very
successfully and he's invented 23 toys and games which have earned
him millions of dollars. Knowing he is already a successful millionaire
is a good thing to know because that tells us he doesn't need to sell
us get rich quick schemes to get our money. Dr. Ken Evoy already has
plenty of money! And of course as a writer on the subject of making money, this fact gives him more credibility as a teacher.
Dr. Ken Evoy is a Canadian doctor who became interested in the internet a
few years ago and wrote a software program for use in trading those Canadian penny stocks that are half the time worthless... but sometimes go through the roof.
Ken figured that the penny trading stock software program he wrote was not
likely to be very popular but did it anyway just because he believed in it.
When his crazy idea of selling penny stock software actually paid off, and saw  how many people were willing to buy this odd ball software, he knew he could sell anything.
These Days, Dr. Evoy is mostly know for his popular affiliate program, but
he also does teach marketing techniques at his website and through a few
books. His books are usually co-written by him so he does get help in writing
them. I think it's because he's an extremely busy guy.
Ken is born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in the early fifties. His education
is in Anatomy and Medicine which he studied at McGill University in Canada.
One of the best ways to learn affiliate marketing or for that matter any form
of internet marketing is to join Ken's Site-Sel affiliate program called the 5 pillar club, and all it costs you is your time and willingness to learn.

For more information on Ken's products Visit: Site-Sel

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