Perry Marshall

Perry Marshall is one of those names that you’re going to run into a lot if you’re serious about making a buck in internet marketing. Perry Marshall has led the industry by example and through the teaching of his Marketing techniques.


Perry Marshall has had many accomplishments; among the most notable ones is the sale of his start up company for 18 million dollars after it posted a record growth of 2,000%. Since the sale Perry Marshall has left his mark on marketing products, e-books, computer hardware, health products, and $50,000 software licenses.


Out of all his products, his e-book, The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords is the most popular and useful marketing guide. It sells for $49 and is worth every penny for anyone that wants to make a dent in the internet marketing industry.


The overwhelming success of his guide to Google AdWords has positioned Perry Marshall as the leading authority on the subject. He advocates unorthodox methods which he calls Guerilla marketing.


Perry Marshall teaches his students how to make money through increasing site traffic at low costs, optimizing Google AdWords, and launching successful PPC campaigns.


These days Perry Marshall has taken advantage of his guru status and expanded his services. He has released an advanced version of his classic AdWords e-book and is now offering one on one consulting for those that are serious about making a living of Internet Marketing.


Overall, Perry Marshall is a pretty remarkable guy with great character. Even though I have not purchased his one on one course and all I have is the original Definitive Guide to Google AdWords, I actually get Perry to personally answer my emails when I need some expert advice. This kind of dedicated service is hard to find these days which is why you can’t go wrong with a Perry Marshall course or product.


Marshall’s other products include: The Perry Marshall Marketing System, Perry Marshall Marketing Letter & Renaissance Club, Ultra-Advanced Google AdWords Strategies, Trafficology, Mastermind AdWords, Personal AdWords Coaching, and Guerilla Marketing for Hi-Tech Sales People.


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