Mike Filsaime


Mike Filsaime has had many titles throughout the years, he has been known as a prolific author, a personal coach, an international speaker, a business consultant, and an extremely successful Internet Marketing guru. These accomplishments have made him highly respected in the online business world.

Mr. Filsaime started out studying Computer Science and Business Administration at the New York Institute of Technology and from there parlayed his degrees into a successful car dealership business of which he became General Manager. The knowledge he has obtained has made him one of the most sought after Internet Marketing professionals in the world. His expertise has allowed him to teach thousands of people how to create their own successful online businesses and become a millionaire in the process just as he once did.

Detailed Overview

Along with his reputation online, Mike Filsaime has made not only a name for himself, but a successful mentoring business as well. The meager beginnings of running a dealership taught him the business strategies he now teaches today and those that made him a millionaire in less than 3 years. He was still working at the dealership when he decided it was time to share his knowledge with the world and move on.

The most popular product that Filsaime has been known for is the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript; this one program has become the number one selling program on the Internet today. Two of his other products, The 7 Figure Code and Carbon Copy Marketing have also become extremely successful and sought after. Along with creating hugely successful programs, Mike now owns over 40 websites with the help of a small staff.

Filsaime believes that to be successful and earn money in a short amount of time, you need to be an aggressive marketer. That being said, he also believes that in order to be truly successful you must be able to enjoy the rewards of all of your hard work as well. Firmly believing that life is worth so much more than money and wealth, he instructs to others that it is how you go about obtaining the wealth while still maintaining your quality of life and family that is most important.

Another key aspect in business and being successful is the process of learning. Filsaime believes that you should never assume to know everything about everything. Constant updating of your knowledge is needed to be successful. This is why he regularly meets with other top Internet marketers to bounce ideas and strategies off of them and take what he learns and implement it into his business practices.

Sharing his success with others has made him a success in its own. He has shared his secrets by writing eBooks that are affordable to all who are interested in knowing how he achieved his success. He doesn’t charge exuberant amount of money because he believes in his strategies and wants people to succeed just as he has without going into debt.



As stated before, Mike Filsaime reputation succeeds him. The fact that he has had so many number one bestsellers and has proven himself to be an expert in his field has made people take notice. The trusting bond he develops with people makes him the one they trust to go to for answers. This trust and some would say admiration has made him a very wealthy man. Taking in over 8 million dollars in 2008, he has secured his place as an expert in his field and will continue to reap the rewards in 2009 due to his hard work and drive. Currently, Mike Filsaime is working online as a full-time job and has an office located in Long Island, NY.

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