Dolf De Roos


Dolf de Roos is an excellent example of how one man can take his field of expertise and blend it with another to create for himself a niche in a whole new career. Holding a doctorate in engineering, he began trying his hand in real estate while still an undergrad in college. One can only assume that this was a far more profitable method for paying the bills than flipping burgers, as he has since made himself one of the leaders in the field.

His program is most well known as being exceptionally friendly for the novice investor. While his program does not provide the step-by-step method that many new real estate enthusiasts are looking for, he does provide to his students a great deal of encouragement and personal mentorship through his program Discussions with Dolf. On his website,, Dolf has made available to the fledgling investor a number of resources on the world wide web for expanding their knowledge. Unlike many who are teaching in the world of real estate Dolf understands that his information is not the only information, and he encourages students to reach out and take advantage of every resource that is available to them.

Outside of his website Dolf teaches a property investors school, a weekend course for the UC investor. At these courses Dolf combines his dynamic personality with his years of experience to teach investors the secret of the trade. He has extended his expertise into the field of software, creating the program's REMS and REAP to assist using an tracking their investments and help them find new ways to increase their profits, and has also reached into the literary world, publishing his books The Wealth Magnet and Dolf’s Commercial Real Estate Course.

Anyone interested can choose to become an affiliate of his program in a marketing capacity by signing up at his website.

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