Work At Home 123


Work at home -123 is the first product that got me started in a
internet business. I was surprised at how much support was given for a program that only cost $39.00. although there was the hidden cost of getting a web host for about $140.00. 

They set up a fairly nice looking web page. and supplied
click-links to three internet businesses directing sales with my clickbank id.

What you get for your $39.00 is this.

  • A fairly well set-up One-Page web site.
  • Instructions on how to get a web host. and domain. 
  • How to set up a click bank account.
  • When you had your web host and click bank account, The
    work at home team will create the web page and install it on your web host with three clickbank products installed
    on the webpage for promotion.

When everything is installed they will advise you to spend about
$1000.00 a month on Google AdWords.

I personally did not make a dime with the system. After messing with the website for a year and maxing out my Visa card. For the following reasons.

1. There is absolutely no training for the system.
2. I never understood what I was trying to do.
3. I had absolutely no understanding of internet marketing.

Those giant profits never did come in. In fact NO profits ever came in.

Alas, what was created was another unvisited website... 

I wish that I had known about The  Commission Blueprint course. The system is more expensive but you're educated as to how to make an internet living.

Check it out for yourself:


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