Maverick Money Makers


 Here is the low down on Mack Michael's Maverick Money Makers. I'm always torn between approving this product or leaving it in the Not Approved Bin. There is some very useful information on the site. For someone new to internet marketing this might be a very useful program.

All indications point towards Maverick Money Makers  being very outdated information. In fact Maverick Money Makers , one of the main concepts behind the "membership", is that in order to make money you have to sell this program to others....almost in a pyramid scheme manner.

The resources are very thin and to be honest with you, we didn't learn anything new. But we've been doing this for a long time..

Overall Maverick Money Makers was a lot of hype which it was not able to live up to.

you look at their sales page, you won’t really find any detailed description of what they’re going to offer you. The screaming headline on earning a six-figure income while not being motivated to work at it only reminds me of the thousands of fly by night gurus who are just full of hype and only sell you the dreams.

Many unsuspecting beginners will think… mmm… if I could only earn just 1% of $171,168.06 then that would be awesome… and I don’t even have to be motivated to earn that amount… this is the perfect system for me! Hahaha!

Right off the bat, just by reading that headline, you’ve already failed before you even got started. You see, many people who dive into making money online only wants to know the “how” part. That’s why many people keep on jumping and trying out different products thinking that there’s a magic pill that will make them an online success.

Let me tell you that it all starts with your mindset. If you’re lazy and think that money will come falling down your lap when joining Maverick Money Makers or the Wealthy Affiliate University then this is not the business for you. You’re only wasting your time with IM if you have the gold rush mentality.

the content inside is mostly in the format of videos so this will be a big help if you’re a visual learner. If you add them all up there are over 60 videos that will give you the steps in generating a solid income online. Here are some of the topics that you can find inside:

Core Training
Quick Money Blueprints
Skill Set Videos
Mindset Coaching (glad this one is here)
Bonus Items (more bonus stuff!)

At $97.00 per month, you should expect a lot...and frankly, there are much better Internet resources for a third of the price. I don't like the program. But  there are people that swear by it.  Go figure.

This is just One Man’s Opinion. I can’t call the product a Scam but I feel the product is not worth the money and time you spend with it..

Buy in on it it at your OWN RISK. There is some very useful information on the site. I would recommend joining the program for a month and grabbing all
the stuff you can then drop out.

My favorite program for getting a business going on the Internet is
Commission Blueprint

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