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Does the Commission Blueprint system really work? Some people think that it is another useless affiliate marketing product. I was quite skeptical about this product. I have fallen for many make money online scams before and I didn’t want to become a new victim anymore. But my curiosity was stronger, and I needed to do a review, so I gave a chance to this system. And I wasn’t disappointed at all.

What Will You Get In The Commission Blueprint Package?

Commission Blueprint is created to produce income by means of Clickbank and Adwords. It works almost as an autopilot. The video course in this system will teach you all the basics from how to select the products to driving traffic and in the end converting the visitor into a paying customer. Of course besides video lectures package include written guides, templates and mind maps. All this stuff is made to make it easier to learn and understand, especially for the beginners. Once you have understood the system, you will find it very useful in your marketing business.

So those are the main points which I can underline. I can surely say that it really works, you just need to understand, and put some effort into learning the system.

So, What Should I Expect From Commission Blueprint…?

Commission Blueprint 2.0 is set out in easy-to-follow step by step video modules that include hours worth of video training in each + extra beginner, intermediate and Expert PDF Guides that will give you extra knowledge on the spot.

There is a module for each section that will teach you everything you need to know about:

  • Keyword Research + Give You Their Commission Blueprint Keyword Tool
  • Website Building + Give You Ready Websites and Their Website Builder
  • Sales And Conversion techniques with guides and awesome secrets revealed
  • SEO Module full of content which includes:
  1. Secret Link Building Tactics
  2. How To Find And Buy PR 3+ Domains for as low as $20 at Special Auctions.
  3. Their Own On-Page SEO Techniques
  4. Article Marketing Tips and Tricks + Article Marketing Software
  5. Will Teach you how to get .EDU and .GOV backlinks for free
  6. And Much More SEO Stuff that no one will ever teach you – EVER!
  • PPC Module Which Covers:
  1. New techniques to find highly profitable keywords using their FREE Keyword tool – specially tuned to help you find profitable keywords…
  2. Will teach you how to optimize and get your ads to rank higher than your competition in a few easy steps
  3. Will teach you how to optimize your site to get DIRT-CHEAP PPC Click in Google Adwords
  4. Will give you their special PPC tool called Hipo Jaw to help you get started kicking hind end in PPC!
  5. And much More…

My conclusion:

I have to say that this is one product that even as an experienced affiliate marketer, I will get actual mileage out of and refer back to regularly. Compare that to most of the stuffy eBooks I've read recently and in the years gone by and it's clear to see that the owners of Commission Blueprint have a real piece of gold on their hands.

Don't get me wrong, you might run into some problems along the way but you'll find Video 12 - "What can go wrong and how to fix it" all you really need to heal the wound and keep running into the sunset with a solid, profitable business under your belt.

The setbacks would be not having cash flow, but again this is covered in the later videos and providing you take the time to plan ahead, there's literally no reason why this highly effective affiliate marketing course will not work for you.

I can say that with confidence because the techniques are time tested, from the simple copywriting skills to get sales or opt ins through to total Google Adwords campaign management...there's literally a step-by-step plan to making a huge amount of monthly income from one affiliate network alone.

Not many guides out there have the right to call themselves true "Blueprints", but Commission Blueprint is truly worthy of its''s like having the password to a wildly profitable Adwords account and legally stealing all of their copy right off the bat.

If you can’t make a profit using this system. You’re simply not trying.

This is an outstanding package and I rate it with a 9.8 across the board.

My Overall Rating:

9.8 /10

Step By Step Guide

9.8 /10

Can Start With Very Little Money

9.8 /10

Quality Of Content

9.8 /10

Easy To Understand

9.8 /10

Value For Money

9.8 /10

60 Day Money Back Guarantee



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