Commission Crusher



  • Pros: New,  Way To Make Money

  • Cons: Over Promises On Results by a bunch



Probable earnings -- $100.00/Week

 Claims --$1,000.00/day                      

  • Earnings Potential: $100-200 Week
  • Customer Support: OK
  • Money Back Guarantee:  60 Days
  • Ease of Use: Confusing
  • Overall :  I advise NOT To Buy

Commission Crusher 

Top selling online marketing guru Steve Iser has released his premier make money online system.

The Commission Crusher website is a LOT over-hyped and you should not believe that you will make millions of dollars using this program. In Your Dreams…If you believe that crap I have a great used car for you to buy. I found purchasing this program to be a very unpleasant experience.

Can you make money with the system? Yes. But it’s not going to be the incredible amounts that Steve tries to sell you. Most of the course is just plain good affiliate marketing techniques.

Commission Crusher comes with very good customer support and could make you a couple hundred dollars per week once you put everything into place. There is a 60 day money back guarantee in place to protect you

List of  Commission Crusher Excessive Claims Made 

I decided the first thing to do would be to make a list of the claims the sales page makes – including things like "limited quantity" offers, etc.

Commission Crusher BIG INCOME CLAIM: 

"Make $500, %600, $1,000 per day without any effort."
"Tap those kinds profits within minutes." 

Commission Crusher Claims Of Student Success:

Do these people even exist?

Jamie Mosely – "making up to $500 per day in his first 30 days online!"
Sean Tillman – "making up to $30,000 Per Month"
Joanne Everett from St. Paul Minnesota – shows ClickBank screenshot of commissions adding up to $1,472.83 from Jan. 13th through Jan 19th

Commission Crusher Claims Of Limited Quantities:

As long as their hard drive works and people keep ordering the product they will
download it.

"500 Copies. That’s all we sell."
" 38 Downloadable Copies Remaining"

Commission Crusher Limited Pricing Claims:

Yeah Right.

"Just $47 for the first 35 to snatch this up right now…" 

Comments and observations.

I wish that Clickbank would have some standards for vendor's copy! Just about all the vendors are promising the moon instantly, showing glossy images of wealth…and NOT telling you what you are purchasing.

Then, the upsells are getting positively nasty! If you don't buy the 12 upsells then you are almost labeled stupid…. even though you just bought their product, it is now not that good without all the 'extras'.

How refreshing it would be to be told that this product is about placing ads, paying for ad space and haggling with site owners over ad prices. Doesn't sound so intriguing does it?

How about having ONE product to sell that does it all, and all without the need for 3-10 upsells? Now that would be honest!

I've returned a LOT of product to Clickbank as I never know what the product is even about till I have purchased all the upsells.

Then, I finally get to the downloads, and try to figure out what all the code is about. After 2 days or so of rummaging around in 10 files, I finally figure out that this is not the type of business I want to be doing.

Why not just be honest and forthright? If I want to sell ads, then this is the business I would snap up. Otherwise, I'm probably going to be disappointed in your product and YOU!

This product was refunded by clickbank without comment within 2 days.

Now You’re an adult and can make up your own mind.

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