Exit Splash


What is Exit Splash? How does it work? Do you really need it? And how can it help you make more sales online?
I will share  my honest opinions of this product with you in this review. After reading this review, you’ll understand exactly what this product can do for you.

What is Exit Splash?

In a nutshell, it’s an advanced web script or program you can install and customize in your web site or blog.

The purpose is to help you monetize the wasted web traffic.
NOTE: when a web visitor leaves your web site or blog without taking any action (purchase a product or sign up for newsletter),

You have a wasted web traffic.

All web sites or blogs have this issue. Therefore, from a business point of view,
Exit Splash is a tool that helps you increase bottom line by attempting to keep more visitors on your site and increase the chance of making more sales or getting more subscribers or leads.

How does it work?

Essentially, it’s a special web page that your visitor is taken to as an alternative to leaving your web site or blog. For example, when a visitoris trying to leave your web page, a special dialogue box will appear to encourage him/her to visit your special Splash page that will in turn advise the visitor to take action (get a special discount offer or opt in).
See screenshot below.

Here are some of the BENEFITS of using Exit Splash
  • Increased sales
  • Increased traffic
  • Increased opt-ins (more subscribers)
  • Improved bottom line by making more sales

One major issue that many Website owners, be they marketers or Webmasters have is the amount of failed opt ins, conversions, and sales due to their visitors simply leaving their site, with nothing in place to capture them again upon leaving.

Exit Splash will answer your Site Exit Problems

  •          Increase exit traffic conversions
  •          Gather more optins to your list than you thought possible
  •          Get more sales from visitors that May otherwise have
             just become Dust
The great thing is that all the above scenarios are now reality with Exit Splash
Dave Guindon (The author and coder of Exit Splash) has included several additional features other than the main Exit Splash script.
Each of these additions will in turn increase the "appeal rate" for your exit page with the Exit Splash code running on it.

Examples of these additions are
  •       a pre-warning window
  •       an impact image
  •       impact audio messages.
  •       reduced cost O.T.O Page
The options are endless.

When you choose to buy Exit Splash this is what you get.
  •          The main Exit Splash Web script
             Viral Twitter Script (this alone will explode traffic to your site)
  •          The Suggest Box script (or as I call it, the subliminal script)
  •          Relevant case studies and tips for successful conversion.
  •          Video format tutorials on how to use the Script
 Does it work?
Absolutely! I’ve had a 300% increase in opt-in’s for my newsletter since I installed it early in July. The only thing I would like to see added to the script is a way to turn off the script for those that have already chosen to receive my newsletter. 

Exit Splash Script  Increases Exit Traffic Conversions|
Exit Splash script is being hailed as "The Exit Script that Internet Marketers
and Commercial Webmasters Have Been DREAMING About" and no wonder
with how well this program works.

Do not use this script in Traffic Exchanges. Users get very testy if your site slows down their surfing.

Some TE Owners will ban your advertising on their site

 Don't risk it.


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