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Now before you get too excited and pay $157 for this program it's important to get all your facts.  Especially since this company is promising you type at home work, an industry notoriously rife with scams.


Julia Harris has just released her work at home course called "Type At Home Online" found at TypeAtHomeOnline.com.  On her website she promises that she can show you how to make over $1,680 a week.

Who Is Julia Harris and What is Type at Home Online?

There's no Julia Harris she's just a paid actress hired by the marketing company running

TypeAtHomeOnline.com. More importantly this is the same company that was exposed on 20/20 for running the infamous Rebate Processing Scam under the guise of "Angel Stevens."

One of the reasons they're still able to operate today and release new programs such as this type at home online course, is simple. 

They don't outright break the law more like mislead customers and exaggerate promises.  Furthermore their company is based out of Nicosia, Cyprus, a known corporate legal haven making it difficult for US agencies to formally prosecute them.

With that being said let's take a closer look at what they're selling this time around...

Is TypeAtHomeOnline.com Legit or a Scam?

In the past the typical Data Entry/Type at Home scam was merely a bait-and-switch.  These companies would claim to show you how to make a living typing at home. Only after you paid them they'd drop the bomb that you'd be typing ads for products you'd be selling at your own expense.

This scam has long been exposed and Google has even banned anyone from advertising these programs in their search engine.  So how is TypeAtHomeOnline able to offer their opportunity?

Well, this time around they're claiming to actually show you how to write for a living, not ads but real articles.  However, they can't help themselves but completely exaggerate your income potential once again.


Based on this company's history, offshore residence, and continuous deception.

I would recommend not doing business with them


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