OBA Review

I've seen this group advertised around the Traffic Exchanges and list builders for some time. I've signed up for the program and will see if they can live up to their claims of generating massive traffic and income. I could use a little more massive traffic and income.
I personally don't like the selling of ad spaces. It doesn't feel right, and makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. But that's one mans opinion.
I'm not sure whether Global NPN is worth the money. But that will be another review in itself.
The OBA forum is full of some very friendly, supportive and creative people, that are willing to help you and share ideas. 

I've been with the group for a year now and this is my impression of the business.

1. Can you make money with it?

      Yes, A little, With more time You have the "potential" to
       make a  LOT more. It depends more on the effort you
into your marketing than anything else.
      I recovered my investment in the group in 3 weeks.

2. How does it work?

The franchise has several tiers. each one is designed to make you money. Primarily you need to recruit others into their system by advertising the OBA system, Or TEP System.
They provide some very nice splash pages and banners to promote sales. Some are free and some you can purchase
from the alliance.

Secondarily they have products that you can sell, i.e. ebooks and software. You keep 100% of the profits.

I rarely see original splash pages for this group on the traffic
exchanges. Almost EVERYBODY uses the same promotional
materials, If you use them. Your ads would be diluted by all the
other people using the same ad copy and splash screens.
instead of being a sales campaign, it becomes a lottery.
I would advise anyone using this system to learn how to create
their own banners, splash pages and squeeze pages. Else your ads will get lost in the crowd. 

Splash Page Maker is an excellent on-line way of creating splash pages and Instant Banner Creator is a great way to make your own banners.

There are some excellent training materials that will help
improve your internet marketing skills in the TEP section
that alone are worth the $5.00 buy-in. The same information
is supplied in other marketing courses for much much more.


What are the real costs for joining the program?

A. Basic.  = $5.00. Everything after this is optional.

B. If you buy advertising space that's another $30.00.
      @25.00 goes to your sponsor and $5.00 for
      administrative costs.
      you also wind up joining the Global NPN
      group. (I haven't evaluated them because
      they are really a different internet business).
      which will cost you $10.75 a month.


C. You also get a  excellent TrafficWave auto responder
     and follow up email for your opt-in's. which costs
     @17.95 a month. (The first 30 days are  free).


D. You also have the option of going pro in the TEP program
     for an additional $15.00. This gives you access to some
     more sophisticated splash screens and materials, and


If you're expecting to get rich with this program. You're not!
but This program is for real.
Given time you can make a reasonable income with the
program. If you create your own  splash screens, Banners,
and capture pages it will happen faster.

You'll have another income stream for your internet businsss. 

Presently OBA is bringing in more income than I'm spending
on it.


If you're new to internet marketing or you just want another income stream. this might be a great addition for you.

OBA  offers a real product, a real business plan, and real support

There are things I don't like about the program. But I'm a lot like Mickey... I rarely get excited about any product out there.
Remember most good things take time. it's like building a snowball. It starts out small and gets bigger and bigger. NEVER expect to get rich overnight. It just isn't going to happen. 

The only real downside of this program is that the Low $5.00 price of their products gives the perception that they are something cheap and people don't purchase them...

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