Free Traffic Part 2

I keep getting asked

"How do I get started with Traffic Exchanges and List builders ?"

I recommend you start small and don't try to manage 20+ traffic
exchanges and list builders at once. and be patient.

Probably a couple of months for your list to start growing.

Here's My recommendation:

1. Sign up with Instant List Empire. I had excellent  results
    with this site. It's free to join and is very reasonable when
    you are ready to upgrade.

2. Sign up for VitalViral. if again is free to join. Get the Pro option
    when you're ready. It only costs
$7.99 a month and is well
    worth the upgrade. Read all materials in both sites on how to
    get the most from using them.

Both are a excellent source for hooking up with other list builders and traffic exchanges when you are ready for them.

A lot of people say that traffic exchanges don't work anymore. They just didn't have the patience to give things a chance to get rolling.

OK, we now have all this traffic, Now how do we make money
with it? After all that's what we're doing all this surfing, advertising,
and email for isn't it?

Here are some facts that you probably won't like.

Unless you have a web-site with a LOT of content that catches a
user's eye while they are surfing. You will only keep 20% of the
visitors to your site for more than 5 minutes.

Why, because they're surfing as fast as they can to build up credits so they can market their own products to sell to YOU!

Direct marketing in this environment will not work. what you need
to do is market your product indirectly. either by building up a list
or marketing it on your web site.

MOST people marketing on Traffic Exchanges or Link builders
will FAIL. the exact number is from 93% to 95% will fail in the
first three months that they are in business. Those numbers are
daunting. BUT can be overcome. If you have the perseverance to stick it out.

You've most likely heard you should not be jumping around from
program to program looking for "the secret" that will make you rich
in you sleep while you do no work for it.

The "secret" is...

If you're using splash pages
Branding yourself
Building your list
and Growing your traffic down lines.

Then you already know WHAT to do.
                                        You just need to know HOW to do it.


STOP looking for "the secret" and start making traffic exchange marketing work for you today.

Indirect Selling

Most Traffic Exchange users make the error of trying to sell products directly in an exchange. That is a huge mistake. They simply don't stop and think about their audience.


They are trying to sell, and they are trying to sell to YOU!

That's just one reason affiliate sales pages do not convert
well in traffic exchanges. Even if you are promoting something
they need., what would make them stop surfing long enough to buy it from you?

The majority of traffic exchange marketing is not well targeted.

You're selling the
wrong thing, at the wrong time, in the wrong way!


Understand the the wants and needs of the market. What can you offer
them that will help them reach their goals?

Here's another way to look at it. Instead of trying to sell something because you think it's neat or because it could make you money. Choose a product the market is starving for... and sell that.

Stop trying to sell your "opportunity" in traffic exchanges.

Here's a source of income I use. It works and generates enough
income to cover my Google advertising expenses, and traffic exchange expenses. Doesn't sound like much unless you saw the amount of money I pay Google and Yahoo every month.

This one stream of income makes all of my advertising

The Perfect Traffic Storm

I strongly suggest your signing up for this service. However, It's your choice whether you want to join or not. This is something  different from a traffic exchange or list builder. It is a service |very similar to Traffic Buddha which I also use.

    • Remembers Your Passwords
   • Logs You Into Online Accounts
     with One Click
   • Secures Your Information
   • Prevents Identity Theft
   • Is Easy to Use
   • Recommended by Experts

As a software engineer, I really appreciate a well written program that performs the function that it was intended to. If you work the traffic exchanges or list builders you really need this program. It can save you an incredable amount of grief trying to remember the passwords for 10-20 sites you're working. You can evaluate this program for free to see if it suits your needs without any risk.

The Free version allows you to store 10 passwords and usernames without requesting you to purchase the $29.95 Pro version.

Free Version

Keep up to 10
passwords & ID's

                RoboForm Pro

The world's most trusted password management and form-filling software

*Reduce your many passwords to just one
Automatically logs you into online accounts
Fills forms with just one click
Prevents Phishing and Keylogging, much

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