Affiliate Cash Cow



  How To Find Your Affiliate Cash Cow.

I'm going to use ClickBank as an example for two reasons.

A. It's very easy to join.
B. It has a LOT of information about the products listed there.

 Once you understand how affiliate marketing works. The next

 thing you need to do is find one that generates a income for you.
 This can be a daunting task and will require a
LOT of research.

 Hopefully, this article will help you save a little time in locating
 one for you.



  •  Compile a list of affiliate products in each
     niche that are of interest to you. Pick products
     that you are passionate about. Your passion
     shows up in your ads.

  •  Evaluate the commission structure of the affiliate
     programs on your list. Commissions typically range
     from 5 percent to 40 percent for tangible products
     and up to 75 percent for digital products.

  • Examine the vendor's payment methods. The more  
     reputable companies will pay you either by check or
     PayPal. Many more will even pay you through an affiliate
     network who will, in turn, pay you by check or direct deposit
     on behalf of the vendor. ClickBank is one of those vendors.

  •  Look at the vendor's sales page. This is the page
     that will be viewed by visitors you refer to the parent


 A good sales page will be easy to read and easy to
 navigate when the customer is ready to make a purchase




 All that you are doing is steering the customer there in
 a frame of mind that he is willing to buy. it's called PreSel
 Don't double sell the product, it's a turn-off. Rely on your
 vendor's ad copy.

See what the competition is promoting.

 Look up relevant keywords in your favorite search engine
 and check out the sponsored ads. In many cases,
 these are ads created by other affiliates.

 If no one is advertising your chosen affiliate products or  something similar, then there may be no demand for them
 in the market.

 However If there is too much competition,
 your advertising will be diluted by the competitions ads.
 A great tool to use for this research is
Click Ad Equalizer


 You'll be amazed what information you can find using this
 Look at what the vendor has to say about his product.
 Clickbank has| some great statistical information about
 each product they carry.

Popularity, Gravity, Click through, and conversion.

 If a vendor says that a product has massive conversions 
 or converts like crazy...


  The statement has absolutely NO meaning.
 Conversions is a
NUMBER. and can typically run from
 .3% to 5%. That means that for every 1000 people that click
 on the vendors sales page you will get from 3 to 50 sales.
 I always consider the lowest number in the range given.
 Clickbank vendors have a tendency to exaggerate their results.

 It determines whether it's worth my time to promote the product.
 Remember the conversions are what pays for your advertising
 and hopefully your bills. It's why you're in business
 Here's the formula I use to determine if a product is worth

 The higher the result the more likely I am going to be
 willing to promote it.
 Another thing to look for. is what tools the vendor
 gives the affiliate marketer to promote his product.
 some have some very nice banner ads and some
 even have a email campaign all set up for your list.

  It generally takes me a week to set up a ad campaign.
 selection setting up splash pages allocating advertising
 budget. etc.

 So the more information I have
BEFORE I start advertising a
 product the more likely it will produce a income for me. Even
 then there will be some absolute losers.
 Your skills will develop as you use these techniques and they
 will become second nature to you.

          Remember everything takes time to develop.


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