Gambling Systems

Gambling systems make their writers millions of dollars every year.

Black jack, poker, roulette, baccarat, craps or slot machines, it doesn't matter. If you can gamble on it, people have created a series of gambling systems to sell to you.

Listen, use some logic for a minute. If you had a way to win at any casino game, why would you sell it to people for $29.95? I wouldn't even sell it for $200,000.

It just doesn't make any sense. You would just play your gambling system and live off your winnings.

You can increase your odds in a casino game but only through what the casino sees as cheating. The people that get the odds in their favor (i.e. card counters) are usually caught and thrown out. It is impossible to beat slot machines. Yes, you can win on a slot machine in the short run, but making money in the long run is impossible.

Despite this fact, I have seen 10 different slot machine systems come across my desk over the last six months. I have even seen the same system three times. That means this person is mailing out tens of thousands of these letters.

Trust me, he isn't mailing out thousands of letters as a hobby. He is mailing out thousands of letters because people are buying his gambling systems.

Good for him, bad for the people who dream that they are going to make easy money as professional gamblers. Why would you want to spend your life in a stinky casino anyway?

No offense to the smokers out there but casinos are not exactly where I want to work. I don't mind going for fun but that is a different story.

In fact, more and more casinos are being built in Las Vegas every year.

Over 20,000 hotel rooms and seven multi-million dollar hotels were added in 1999 alone. One new hotel cost over $100,000,000. (Yes, 100 million dollars!)

Do you think that they are adding these because people have figured out how to beat the casino? NO WAY, they are racking up more profits than ever before.

And the funny part is that the casinos even have signs up bragging about the fact that you're going to LOSE MONEY ... they hang these signs above their slot machines proclaiming "97% Payouts".

Of course, what that really means is that for every $1 you put in, you'll get $.97 in return... and when you put that $.97 into their slots, you'll get $.93 back.. and on and on until you're broke.

They brag about that .. kind of funny I suppose.

End the cycle now and start looking for a real business that you can start. You are never going to make money with any gambling systems.

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